Invest Conveyancing


Invest Conveyancing is here to assist you with all your settlement needs. Here is an overview of what we can do for you.

  • Full settlement for you as a Buyer – Click here to see our Guide
  • Full settlement for you as a Seller – Click here to see our Guide
  • Change of name on your Certificate of Title – Whatever the circumstances whether it be due to marriage, divorce or by Deed Poll, it is best practice to arrange for the Certificate of Title to be amended to reflect your true name
  • Related Parties transactions – There are specific Duty lodgement requirements when a transfer is not an arms length transaction. We will prepare the required documents and notify the authorities of the change in ownership.
  • Transfer pursuant to Court Order – We can prepare all documentation, arrange for it to be executed and attend to the stamping and registration of the Transfer document. If there is a monetary component to the agreement, we will arrange for this to be collected and deposited upon registration of the change of ownership.
  • Title Searches – If you wish to know who owns a specific property, or require a copy of your Certificate of Title, we can obtain these for you.
  • Survivorship Applications – When a joint tenant passes, their interest in the land can be transferred to the remaining registered proprietors by survivorship.
  • Transmission Applications – When a sole proprietor or a registered proprietor who is noted as Tenants in Common with the co-proprietors passes, their shares in the land can be transferred to whom they have bequeathed in their will.
  • Subdivisions – Whether it is a small subdivision on your own property, or a large Rural, urban or Strata Subdivision, we can arrange for the production of the Certificate of Title, consent of all relevant parties and lodging of the Application at Landgate.

Jay & Kerry

Thank you and your team for making our settlement process for purchase of a property in South Hedland, an easy experience, despite the fact we are located in Melbourne. We are “first time interstate buyers” and were a little apprehensive as to what and how to do things in a different state from here in Victoria. All investment properties we have had over the years have all been in Victoria, so it was great that all details of the settlement in South Hedland went smoothly and all via internet/phone. Once again, thank you for a great service from Invest Conveyancing.


Hi Fran,
Just a quick note to say Deb and I were very impressed with your timeliness and efficiency during the settlement of our recent purchase in Trigg. Thanks for making the whole process trouble free!